Metro Heating & Cooling is a locally owned and operated business offering professional AC installation in Ankeny, IA. Homeowners in Ankeny may need air conditioning installation due to one of two main factors. First, if they move into a new home that doesn’t yet have an air conditioner, installing a new one is necessary.

Second, if their existing air conditioner is old and less efficient than it should be, replacing it is in order. During AC replacement, we inspect the existing unit to determine whether a simple repair would do or if an entirely new system is the wiser choice.

AC Installation in Ankeny

Most homeowners who purchase an air conditioner are simply wishing to create a cooler and more comfortable living environment. However, did you know air conditioners offer more than that? They improve indoor air quality, which is especially important if you suffer from respiratory conditions or have allergies. They help control the humidity level, which inhibits mold growth. Of course, AC units also encourage better sleep by keeping the temperature at a desirable level.

Reasons to consider a new AC installation include the following:
  • Lower monthly utility bills
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Enhanced personal comfort
  • Quieter operation

Technicians at Metro Heating & Cooling are highly experienced in air conditioning replacement and installation. We understand that for an AC system to work as desired, it needs to be installed properly. We also know that a proper air conditioner installation can reduce the frequency of repairs and even help extend the life span of the unit. For this reason, we use the right tools to ensure the setup goes as planned. Our technicians have the training to work with different models of air conditioners.

Furthermore, we can help you pick the best unit for your home in Ankeny. Installing an air conditioner that’s the right size is crucial because it helps keep the system working at optimal efficiency. If you have an air conditioner that is over 10 years old or one that appears to need constant repairs, we advise that you consider an AC replacement. We will inspect your current unit before recommending an air conditioning replacement.

Reliable AC Replacement by Experts

If your existing air conditioner is struggling to keep your home cool, our team at Metro Heating & Cooling can help you change that. We’ve been serving Ankeny and its environs since 1984, and we always get it right the first time. We don’t use shortcuts during air conditioning installation, and we complete every job meticulously.

Call us at Metro Heating & Cooling today for professional AC installation in Ankeny.