Air Conditioner Repair & Installation

Air Conditioner Repair and Installation IssuesSummer in Iowa often brings uncomfortable heat and humidity – so why run the risk having your air conditioner go out as the days get really hot? With more than 30 years of reliable repair and installation in Des Moines area, you need a company that has fully trained personnel that can size, design, install or service your equipment so it operates properly and is as efficient as possible.

Before you call an air conditioner repair technician out to address your situation, it might save you time and money to first check the following:
1. Make Sure The Switch is On

Sometimes kids see a switch at their eye level and they just can’t help themselves.

2. Thermostat Batteries

Simply pull off the cover of your thermostat and there should be 2-4 double A batteries. Replace and dispose. Most thermostats have a 5-10 min delay.

3. Check The Breaker

Located in your breaker panel, the breaker could be tripped. If it is, simply put it in the off position wait 5 seconds then turn it back on. If it immediately trips again call your service technician. If it doesn’t trip again hopefully it will turn on after a 5-10 minute delay.

4. Check Your Air Filter

Your filter is located at your furnace either on the side or bottom of the unit. If your filter is dirty it can cause your coil to freeze up or ice over.

5. If Your Coil Has Ice Build Up

With a dirty filter airflow is reduced through the air coil therefore causing the coil to freeze up or ice over. Change your filter and turn the thermostat to the “fan on” position, and not run the air conditioner. Depending on how iced over the coil is, it should take around 2hr to thaw.

If you do not want to worry about checking these problems Metro Heating and Cooling is here to help.

Sometimes your current cooling system completely stops working or sometimes you just need a simple repair done. Either way, we’ll get your system back to providing you relief from those Des Moines summer days, so you and your family can live comfortably.

Contact us at (515) 266-3693 today to speak to one of our experienced service representatives. We will be happy and proud to add you to our family of satisfied customers.