An Expensive HVAC System Doesn’t Always Mean It’s Energy Efficient

“HVAC systems now come with higher efficiencies than ever, with air-source cooling equipment surpassing the 25-SEER mark and gas furnaces achieving more than 98 percent AFUE. Customers who pay for these highly efficient (and expensive) systems expect them to achieve those ratings and provide superior comfort, and, if they don’t, they are often disappointed and even angry.

When high-end equipment does not live up to consumer expectations, the culprit is almost always improper installation.”

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NOTE: I was asked to contribute to this national article on proper HVAC service and installation and how that relates to the advertised energy efficiency rates on air conditioners and furnaces. I encourage you to read the entire article here, as there are a lot of things for you to when you look to get the most comfort out of your HVAC equipment.

“The best way to ensure consumers achieve the increased levels of comfort and efficiency they paid for is to follow industry-established guidelines, which is why Joe Tollari, president, Metro Heating & Cooling LLC, Des Moines, Iowa, performs ACCA Manual J, D, and S calculations on every installation. ‘I was taught by my dad to be as thorough as possible, and that means following the guidelines. We are involved mainly in new custom homes, and I want to give homeowners a custom comfort system. I can’t do that by following rules of thumb.'”

Author: Joe Tollari