The GeoComfort brand offers the broadest residential product offering available. There is a GeoComfort model to meet the needs of virtually any home.

GeoComfort Systems

GeoComfort split systems have AHRI certified air handler matches for every model. This means better performance and guarantees the operating efficiency of the system, since efficiency is a critical requirement for many rebate programs.

Hybrid heating situations are possible with GeoComfort split systems. In combination with a new or existing natural gas/oil/propane furnace, the split system will provide all of the air conditioning for the home, as well as 80 – 90% of the heating requirements. The system will switch over to the furnace in extreme cold temperatures for the remainder of the time, providing optimum comfort and efficiency.

GeoComfort units come equipped with an oversized, copper rifled coaxial water heat exchanger, providing significantly higher efficiencies than required by the ENERGY STAR program. In addition to life spans far exceeding that of conventional systems, all of our units have coated air coils, preventing corrosion for longer life and reliability.

GeoComfort systems give you more. Hot water generators are standard with all GeoComfort geothermal units which allow you to capture unused heat and apply it to water heating, typically cutting hot water costs by 50 – 60%.