If you need heating repair services in Des Moines, IA, you can count on Metro Heating & Cooling. We can experience some extreme weather in our area, so having a functioning heater can make a big difference in your comfort and overall well-being. When a heater breaks down, homes can grow chilly very quickly. With a heating repair, you can ensure that your system is up and running efficiently in no time.

    Heating Repair in Des Moines

    Heating repair services can help you solve many types of issues. As an experienced heating company, some of our customers in Des Moines have reached out to us because their heaters have stopped working completely. Obviously, this serves as a sign that something needs to get addressed right away. In other situations, you might feel a bit uncertain about the need to call for heating repair services. We do encourage you to call us for assistance whenever you notice that something’s not quite right. Even if you do have heat, the system may not function at its full potential. This could affect your heater’s longevity and energy consumption.

    Signs that a component needs to be repaired include:
    • Inconsistent heating
    • Heater turns on and off frequently
    • Heater struggles to maintain warmth
    • Loud noises coming from heating system
    • Cool air coming out of vents

    If you have a gas-powered furnace with a pilot light, you should call for help if the pilot light changes color. In normal conditions, it’ll burn with a blue flame. An orange, purple, or yellow flame could indicate the presence of other types of substances, and they could lower your indoor air quality. The best approach to this situation would involve having a professional technician take a look at the pilot light and furnace.

    Trustworthy Heating Repair Services

    When we head out to our customers’ homes in Des Moines, we always bring our equipment with us. This allows us to run tests and look closely at various components of the system. Often, we have to clean ductwork and replace filters in order for the air to start flowing efficiently through the system. Sometimes, we have to inspect the blower, heat exchanger, or limit switch, and those components may need to get replaced before the system can work correctly again. In addition, some problems involve electrical wiring or thermostats. In this case, we would figure out where a connection has broken down and make sure the various parts can communicate with each other. Since 1984, we’ve aimed to exceed customer expectations with our comprehensive approach to HVAC repairs.

    At Metro Heating & Cooling, we look forward to helping anyone in the Des Moines area, so call us today if you require our heating repair services. We also provide furnace installation and heating maintenance!