Keep your furnace and air conditioner running optimally with help from the top HVAC company in Bondurant, IA, when you engage our technicians from Metro Heating & Cooling. As a trusted HVAC contractor, we have everything you need to maintain efficient, reliable, and safe heating and cooling. The experts on our team provide skilled repair services, in-depth routine maintenance, and meticulous installations and replacements. If you need help with your furnace or AC, we have you covered.

    Trusted HVAC Company Repairs

    Your HVAC system has many parts and components that are necessary for proper operation. When any one of these parts fails, your machine may not give you the heating and cooling you need. Our highly trained technicians will look over your system and diagnose the problem. They’ll clearly communicate the repair process and estimated costs to you, ensuring you are familiar with them and comfortable before we proceed. Our professionals have thorough knowledge and vast experience working with various types of furnaces and air conditioners, making us a leading resource in repair work. We carry a full range of tools, equipment, and spare parts to make the assignments go as quickly as possible. In fact, we accomplish most of them in a single visit. Once we complete the work, you’ll have dependable heating and cooling once more to keep your home comfortable.

    Heating and Cooling Installation

    As a premier HVAC contractor in Bondurant, we take pride in providing the most skilled and reliable installation services. When your old furnace or air conditioner finally calls it quits, our technicians can walk you through the process of replacement. It’s critical to choose a new system that fits your home. A unit that’s too big may short cycle, which can lead to excessive wear and tear on your machine. A unit that’s too small may run nonstop to try to keep up, leading to more energy consumption and a shorter life span. Once you’ve found the perfect size of unit, our technicians will get right to work on the installation. We’ll make sure everything gets connected properly and that your new equipment gives you excellent heating or cooling.

    HVAC Contractor Maintenance in Bondurant

    Between repair and installation visits, you’ll need routine maintenance for your system. Regular maintenance will even help cut down on the number of times you’ll need to call us to fix something.

    During an HVAC maintenance appointment, our technicians perform numerous tasks to keep your system healthy and efficient.
    • Visually inspecting the system
    • Lubricating moving parts
    • Cleaning dust and debris from the unit
    • Clearing the condensate drain
    • Cleaning AC coils
    • Testing safety controls
    • Checking for strange sounds and smells
    • Inspecting electrical and gas connections

    When scheduled twice a year, you’ll enjoy many benefits with regular heating and cooling maintenance. Finding trouble spots and signs of wear early on can reduce the risk of an unexpected failure in the middle of the season. You’ll get greater energy efficiency from a well-maintained system, keeping your utility bills lower. Most furnaces and air conditioners give you 10 to 20 years of useful heating or cooling, and routine maintenance can help extend this life expectancy.

    Count on our trusted HVAC company in Bondurant for all your heating and cooling needs by calling the pros at Metro Heating & Cooling today.