Should You Repair or Replace an HVAC?

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A homeowner might discover their HVAC system suffers from mechanical problems or requires repairs. While repairing an HVAC is advisable in some situations, replacing it could be the better option. Homeowners could consider a few of the following things when wondering whether to repair or replace their heating and cooling systems.

The Unit’s Age

An HVAC system lasts 15 to 20 years on average. Some models could last only ten years, depending on how much use they went through or whether the owner maintained them. Ultimately, if the model will soon age out and require replacing, it might be better to order a new unit than replace the old one. The money spent on repairs could go towards purchasing a new model. That said, if the model is a newer one, repairs could extend its life.

Costs of Repair vs. Replacement

Not all repairs require extensive work, but replacing major parts or several components might result in a high bill. If the repair costs are high, purchasing a new system could be better. This is especially true if you are financing a new unit and the cost of one year of repairs is more than one year of installment payments on a new system.

Homeowners in Des Moines and nearby neighborhoods may ask Metro Heating & Cooling about installing a new HVAC. We also handle repair and maintenance requests. If you want to compare and contrast the costs of a repair versus a system replacement, we can help with this.

Numerous Repairs

If an HVAC system requires repeated repairs within a short period, replacing the unit might be the better option. Even if the cost is lower than payments on a new system, it comes with the peace of mind of reliable heat and cooling during unseasonable temperatures.

Moving Away

If you intend to sell your property, you might not find it necessary to replace a unit, even if a new owner must pay repair bills to keep it running. Spending more to purchase a new HVAC unit when you put the house on the market soon might not pay for itself through an increase in sales price.

Since 1984, Metro Heating & Cooling has offered HVAC repair and maintenance services. We also provide duct cleaning, indoor air quality, and refrigeration work. Please get in touch with our offices to discuss an at-home visit and estimate.

Author: Joe Tollari
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