Are you looking for heat pumps in West Des Moines, IA? Metro Heating & Cooling can help you with your heat pump installation. Heat pumps are an efficient way to both heat and cool your home. Since they can do both, using a heat pump is more cost-efficient than other heating and cooling systems. We can also help with any heat pump repair services you need to help keep your heat pump working for years to come.

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    Heat Pumps in West Des Moines

    A heat pump uses electricity to help heat and cool your home. To make it even more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, you can connect the device to your solar panels.

    A heat pump can be an air-source or ground-source type. It pulls heat from either the surrounding air or underground and transfers it inside your home to heat it. This system is then reversed in the summer to move hot air from inside your home outside.

    Refrigerant transfers the heat between both outside and inside spaces. It circulates throughout the heat pump system. The compressor helps the refrigerant circulate, and the reverse valve switches the system between heating and cooling mode. The expansion valve regulates and controls the flow of the refrigerant and allows for the reduction of pressure and temperature.

    There are many benefits to getting a heat pump installed.
    • More energy efficient
    • Heat and cool
    • Consistent heat
    • Quiet operation
    • Better indoor air quality

    Like any complex machinery, a heat pump can require repairs. For example, sometimes, refrigerant can leak out, which can cause damage to the compressor and severely lower the efficiency of your heat pump. In the winter, the outside unit can freeze. Usually, the defrost cycle takes care of this, but if there is too much ice, it can clog the system and make it stop working. Sometimes, the reverse valve can get stuck in either heating or cooling mode. Our expert technicians can fix or replace it.

    Heat Pump Installation in West Des Moines

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