Electric furnaces are a type of heating system that you can use in Des Moines, IA. They are safer than gas and oil models because they don’t use a combustible fuel source. Gas leaks aren’t possible with an electric furnace. The chance of a fire starting is lower as well. If you schedule electric furnace installation services with Metro Heating & Cooling, we can help extend its lifespan with repairs and maintenance services.

    Benefits of Electric Furnaces

    Although all modern furnaces are safe, electric furnaces are the safest type. You don’t need to light a pilot light anymore with modern systems. Electric furnaces last for about two decades, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them often in your lifetime. At Metro Heating & Cooling, we carry some of the leading brands in Des Moines. Financing options are available on approved credit.

    Reasons you may want to install an electric furnace:
    • Safest heating system
    • An average lifespan of 20–30 years
    • Reliable fuel source
    • Easy to install

    Des Moines Electric Furnace Installation

    We are a top-rated heating company that you can trust with your electric furnace installation in Des Moines. Whether you need to replace an existing furnace or you’re switching to this type of heater, we’re here for you. Old heating systems start to break down often, and their repairs tend to be more costly. It’s better to replace the heater before it has the chance to give you a headache. We can let you know how many more years you can run your existing system.

    Another problem with old heaters is they consume a lot of energy. They begin to operate more noisily as well. If your system shows any of these signs, then it’s probably time to replace it. A system is old once it reaches its estimated lifespan.

    Electric Furnace Repair Company In Des Moines

    In most situations, you can repair any electric furnace before the system is old. Signs that you need a repair include high electric bills, noisy operation, and bad odors. If the furnace isn’t easily maintaining a set temperature anymore, then you should still promptly schedule a repair. Prolonged problems will worsen, which makes repairs more complex. In the worst-case scenario, you might need a new system if the damage becomes extensive.

    We provide 24/7 emergency electric furnace repair services throughout Des Moines. Our technicians know the inner workings of all brands of electric furnaces. You can relax knowing that we’ll get your furnace running as quickly as possible. The average time it takes for electric furnace repairs is one to two hours. Complex issues, however, may require more time.

    We provide furnace service to a range of makes and models. Contact Metro Heating & Cooling to schedule an electric furnace installation or repair service in Des Moines.