One of the biggest limitations of most central HVAC systems is their one-size-fits-all approach to heating and cooling. In most Des Moines, IA, homes, this means you only have a single, centrally located thermostat. And when your HVAC turns on, it will attempt to heat or cool your whole home at once. This naturally leads to hot and cold spots and wasted energy.

    The good news is that there’s a solution. Metro Heating & Cooling installs zoning systems that can split your HVAC system into smaller, individually controlled zones. After a zoning system installation, you’ll have precise control over the temperature in each part of your home and a more efficient HVAC system overall. We also handle zoning system maintenance to keep the system in peak condition.

    Zoning Systems in Des Moines

    A zoning system uses motor-driven dampers installed within your home’s ductwork to control your HVAC system’s airflow. They allow you to split a single ductwork system into smaller sections, each with its own thermostat. In the average home, you might use a zoning system to allow for separate control of the temperature on each floor. In the summer, this is useful for keeping the upper floors as cool as the lower ones. In the winter, it can do the opposite, keeping people on the lower floors just as warm as those on the upper floors. It’s a configuration that most HVAC systems don’t have by default. However, Metro Heating & Cooling specializes in zoning systems and can retrofit your HVAC to include one.

    Zoning systems offer a variety of benefits over traditional units.
    • Added flexibility
    • Improved comfort
    • Greater energy efficiency
    • Reduced HVAC wear and tear

    Expert Zoning System Installation

    Metro Heating & Cooling offers expert zoning system installation services for both new construction and existing homes. In the case of the former, we’ll work to intelligently divide your new home into appropriate cooling zones. Then, we’ll install the necessary electric dampers and control systems so your HVAC system, once installed, can utilize them. If you have an existing HVAC system, we can evaluate it to identify the most effective way to add zoning to it. Having a zoning system installed can provide a meaningful upgrade to your HVAC system, turning it into a home comfort powerhouse.

    Reliable Zoning System Maintenance

    A zoning system relies on a variety of motors and circuitry to operate. As such, they require periodic maintenance to keep performing as they should. This may include replacing motorized dampers if they malfunction, or cleaning and adjusting them to assure continued reliable performance.

    It might include recalibrating your zoned system’s thermostats to make sure they’re properly controlling each zone’s temperature. Metro Heating & Cooling has a staff of expert HVAC technicians that understands the intricacies of zoned HVAC systems and can help you keep yours working properly for as long as possible.

    If you have questions about zoning systems or want one installed in your Des Moines home, call the experts at Metro Heating & Cooling today!