Expert Des Moines Ductless AC Services

    Searching for dependable ductless mini split AC installation or repair in Des Moines, IA? These systems are becoming more common thanks to their energy efficiency. If you don’t currently have central AC or if you have a room that does not have ductwork, a mini split could work. Many of the available mini-split systems can operate as heaters and air conditioners. In the winter, they absorb heat from the inside of your home and then send it outside. In the summer, the opposite happens.

    Our area in Des Moines can experience extreme temperatures on either side of the spectrum, so you can appreciate having a comfortable place in which you can spend your time. At Metro Heating & Cooling, our AC contractors can take care of your installation for you in addition to helping with an inspection or repairs.

    What are the Benefits of Mini Split Installation?

    Having a professional handle your ductless installation can work as a strategic move. A professional technician from Metro Heating & Cooling can connect everything correctly and make sure your mini-split system functions well. Before an installation, we can talk with you about your ideal installation location. We can review some benefits of each location you may have considered. Once you’ve settled on a location for your unit, we’ll go about our tasks with precision and efficiency, maintaining a tidy environment.

    You can choose from several types of mini splits, depending on their features.
    • Type of installation
    • Cooling/heating capacity
    • Energy efficiency
    • Number of preferred zones

    You can hang some mini split models from ceilings, or you can mount them on walls. These systems have various cooling/heating capacities, so you should get one that suits your space. Likewise, systems differ in terms of efficiency. In general, more efficient units will come with higher prices, so you’ll need to make certain compromises when settling on something. Our technicians can install multiple mini splits if you need to regulate the temperature of more than one area of your Des Moines home.

    Mini Split Services

    At Metro Heating & Cooling, we can help you with your mini split inspection, too. Our technicians can take a close look at every component of the system. They will make note of any potential areas of concern. If a part seems to have gotten worn down over time or damaged in some way, you can consider replacing it.

    This could prevent a problem from occurring sometime in the future. During an inspection, our technician can also assess whether you have the right level of refrigerant. Leaks can sometimes occur without people knowing about them, and regular inspections can help identify these problems before they get worse.

    Metro Heating & Cooling offers a wide range of services related to ductless AC. Call to schedule an appointment at your place in Des Moines.