Properly working air ducts in your Des Moines, IA home are essential for proper aeration to keep you comfortable throughout the house. But when they are not up to par, it could result in uneven heating and cooling. The lack of ventilation can also diminish your indoor air’s purity and freshness. At Metro Heating & Cooling, our professional air ductwork service can address any issue you have concerning your ducts — even if it means you need to install new ones.

    Air Duct Installation Service

    Air duct installation in Des Moines allows you to replace your worn, cracked, or otherwise damaged ducts with newer, sturdier ones. Or, if a room in your home lacks air ducts, it enables you to add them. Hence, you can also heat and cool a larger area to increase your living space and the enjoyment of your home.

    Ducts are also available in various materials from mold-resistant sheet metal ducts to more flexible ducts for tight spaces. But there’s no need to concern yourself with the different choices because we are here to help you through it all.

    Air Duct Repair in Des Moines

    Your HVAC system relies on two types of ducts to do its job: supply ducts and return ducts. Supply ducts transport warm or cool air into your living space. However, if there is an issue with their dampers opening, it can hinder the airflow. Return ducts, on the other hand, transport air from inside your home to the HVAC system’s handler or furnace.

    They then use this recycled air to heat or cool your home. However, even a tiny puncture in the ducts can decrease airflow to your HVAC system and its output. Our technicians are highly skilled in performing all return and supply duct repairs. So, no matter the cause of insufficient heating, cooling, or airflow through your ducts, we can help.

    Detailed Air Duct Sealing

    A loose or leaky system is another common cause of decreased circulation within your air ducts. Your home’s ductwork is a durable network that enables air to flow freely to and from your HVAC system most efficiently. However, over time, it can become loose or riddled with holes, allowing air to escape. Reports show that neglecting gaps in your ductwork is the equivalent of leaving a window open while running your HVAC system. When you contact us for air duct repair, we can also seal your air ducts to avoid wasting energy.

    Air duct sealing helps restore your HVAC’s energy efficiency in several ways:
    • Restores even air distribution
    • Improves indoor air quality
    • Helps reduce high energy bills
    • Helps eliminate whistling ducts

    When you need an HVAC company in Des Moines with specialized skills in air duct installation and repair, contact us at Metro Heating & Cooling.