Do you wonder if your Des Moines home is the most energy efficient? If so, you could benefit from a home energy audit. This type of audit seeks to identify your home’s total power usage and where it is wasting energy. With this knowledge, you can then install energy-efficient upgrades, such as a smart thermostat, to improve your energy use. After your thermostat installation, you can enjoy a comfortable home you feel good about. It also helps you better manage your utility bills.

Thermostat Installation in Des Moines

There are various modern thermostats to choose from today. If yours is malfunctioning or costing you money, you may consider replacing it with a new, more energy-saving model. They also have a digital screen that enables you to set the temperature to an exact setting. Newer thermostats also easily install and work with your HVAC system provided it is not more than ten years old. Hence, there’s no need for a major renovation. At Metro Air Limited, we have lots of experience in thermostat installation, so we can also guarantee a quality job. Otherwise, you risk your thermostat miscommunicating with your heating and cooling system. As a result, it can prevent it from powering up, or it may struggle to maintain the set temperature. It can also cause your HVAC system to continuously shut on and off, thus contributing to higher utility bills.

Smart Thermostats for Energy Efficiency

Smart thermostats are some of the most popular home thermostats. They make it easy to control your HVAC system from anywhere via an app. Hence, no more hassle of doing it manually. A smart thermostat also allows you to program it according to your home schedule. Therefore, you don’t waste energy setting it to just one temperature all day, regardless if no one is home. It also learns your habits over time and then automatically adjusts to them for added convenience. Our technicians can help you determine if a smart thermostat may be for you or another energy-efficient model.

Other Energy Efficient Thermostats

Energy-efficient thermostats also include programmable thermostats. Like smart thermostats, they also allow you to program them according to your home use. Hence, it also helps avoid energy waste. However, they do not have an app to monitor and control them while you are away. We can use our knowledge and experience to help you choose the best energy-efficient thermostat for your Des Moines home.

Energy-efficient thermostats offer many advantages.
  • Allows precision temperature settings
  • Less energy for heating and cooling
  • Easily programmable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Helps lower energy bills

For quality thermostat installation to improve your Des Moines home’s energy efficiency, contact us at Metro Heating & Cooling.