At Metro Heating & Cooling, we’ve served our community for decades as a reliable HVAC contractor in Urbandale, IA. We’re a locally owned and operated HVAC company with a reputation you can trust. Plus, we’re proud to be BBB-accredited.

    Our technicians understand the importance of meeting your needs and will never make unnecessary suggestions or sales pitches. We want our repairs, installations, and maintenance to improve your home’s comfort and safety. Our work is only complete when you feel satisfied.

    HVAC Contractor for Urbandale Repairs

    We’re happy to help, even if you’re not thrilled about needing repair. It’s always best to call for service as soon as you notice something wrong, but we’re there for you in an emergency, too.

    Prevent small issues from becoming larger problems by scheduling repair if you notice any of the following:
    • Sudden increase in heating or cooling costs
    • Musty, moldy, or unpleasant odors
    • Water leaks
    • Banging, hissing, or other strange noises
    • Inconsistent temperatures in rooms

    Furnaces have a few other signs showing that they need repair. Watch for a yellow pilot light and the appearance of soot. If you smell gas or detect carbon monoxide, you should take action immediately with an emergency repair call.

    Efficient Installation for Your Home

    Whether you know exactly what you want or need help deciding, we’re your heating and cooling company for a smooth equipment install. You may need an installation when an older unit is reaching the end of its life or a middle-aged unit needs major repairs.

    A new air conditioner or furnace will far surpass the performance and energy efficiency of your old unit. Many new HVAC systems have smartphone integrations and programmable thermostat features. You can also add equipment to your existing HVAC unit to increase indoor comfort and efficiency.

    Heat pumps, geothermal pumps, and ductless mini-splits are all candidates for this kind of installation. Many installations even qualify for federal income tax credits due to green energy initiatives.

    Heating and Cooling Maintenance Plans

    Investing in a maintenance plan will extend the lifespan of your HVAC system and keep repair costs at a minimum. As an HVAC company with experience fixing decades-old equipment, we can see when a unit has or hasn’t had maintenance.

    Dirt buildup, loosening attachments, and clogged filters are common culprits of breakage. These are all prevented by routine maintenance. Our technicians will inspect your air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace so that repairs are less likely to pop up unexpectedly.

    Call Metro Heating & Cooling today for the customer care you deserve from an HVAC contractor in Urbandale.