How to Avoid These HVAC Repair Bills

HVAC repair in Des Moines, IA

When working properly, your home’s heating and cooling systems keep everyone comfortable throughout the year. However, when they aren’t adequately maintained, you could run the risk of defects and significant repair bills. Fortunately, there are actions that you can take to keep your HVAC system in good condition at all times. The experts at Metro Heating & Cooling discuss common HVAC repairs in Des Moines, IA, and how to avoid them.

The Condenser Unit Isn’t Working

Your air conditioning system has a condenser unit outside of your home that is responsible for drawing humid air out from interior spaces and replacing it with drier air. However, if the isn’t properly protected, the unit could be vulnerable to falling debris or rodents living inside of it. Ultimately, these issues could result in bent fan blades, chewed wires, or other problems that might render the unit inoperable.

You can avoid these issues and the associated repair bills by covering the unit during cooler months or getting rid of trees or shrubs in its general vicinity. Of course, if you need help repairing a condenser unit, the HVAC contractors at Metro Heating & Cooling in Des Moines and the surrounding areas can help. We can also inspect your home’s furnace, heat pump, or other heating system components.

Your Heating Bills Are Higher Than Usual

There are several reasons why your home is using more energy than usual during the fall and winter seasons. For instance, the thermostat may be faulty and isn’t telling the furnace to stop running after reaching your preferred temperature. If the air filter hasn’t been changed in a few months, it is likely clogged, which is forcing the furnace to work harder than necessary. In such a scenario, hiring a professional to clean the furnace and replace the air filter can help to bring your heating costs down.

Count on Metro Heating & Cooling for HVAC Repair

If you are in need of affordable HVAC repair and maintenance in Des Moines, IA, don’t hesitate to call Metro Heating & Cooling today! We can also clean out your home’s ducts, perform an indoor air quality assessment or take other steps like installing a smart thermostat to help keep your home running at peak efficiency throughout the year. Contact us today!

Author: Joe Tollari